Eastbourne Pier

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Eastbourne Pier





The Eastbourne Pier Company was formed in 1865 with a working capital of £15,000. It was completed in 1872.

The pier is 300 meters long and built on stilts, which rest in cups on the seabed allowing the whole structure to move during rough weather. The original entrance on the lower promenade was swept away by rough storms in 1877. It was then rebuilt at a higher level.

In 1888 a 400-seater domed pavilion was added and two years later a 1000-seater theatre, bar, camera obscura and office suite replaced it. In the same year two saloons were built in the midway. The theatre was destroyed by a fire in 1970 and replaced with an evening entertainment venue.

In 2014 the pier caught fire again, this time destroying the large arcade and the saloons in the midway. The remains of the buildings were then dismantled, and an open deck area was created.