Xing Fu

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42-44 Meads Street,


BN20 7RG

01323 726805


High-quality authentic Chinese dishes in a modern style.

Xining Sheng and her husband Hong Wang, opened Xing Fu Chinese restaurant in Meads Street in January 2017.

Xining and Hong met while they were both working in a major Chinese restaurant in London. When they married and started a family they decided to leave London and settle somewhere where the pace of life was a little less hectic. They chose Eastbourne and opened the Eastern Wok in the Old Town in 2011. Although quite small, it was a great success and after a couple of years Xining and Hong were thinking about moving to bigger premises.

‘When an opportunity in Meads came up we were both delighted. We love the village atmosphere and it is wonderful to be so close to the sea and the Downs. It took us three months to get everything ready. We wanted to create our dream restaurant and it was really exciting putting it all together. I even went back to China to buy the silk wall coverings.’

   -  Xining

Hong runs the kitchen with the help of a team of London trained chefs. They also continue to run the Eastern Wok as a take away.

And what are Xining’s feelings about Meads now?

‘It is a lovely environment, quiet and beautiful. I think we were very clever to have picked it.’